The Quality Garment Company In Bali

Pacific Garment is an ethically & sustainably minded clothing manufacturing company based in Bali. We run a lean and high-quality garment production process. We always update and develop the latest technique in garment production to produce high quality products needed by the customers. Supported by the professionalism and high responsibility, Pacific Garment could be your partner in developing business on Garment

Pacific Garment established in 1984 is one of PT. PACIFIC EXPRESS division specializing in the production and export of garment both for males and females (Art Work Fashion). Our company which had steady employees as many as 50 people and 500 freelance employees, has been able to manufacture 50.000 garments / month with this following export lines: USA, EUROPE, UK, AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE and JAPAN. Furthermore, PT. PACIFIC GARMENT also has a holding quota importing material to be a produced for listing purpose.

As most of you already know, the only constant in life, as well as in business is change. We welcome the challenge that globalization presents and look forward to participating with our customers as new markets open up and trade barriers fall. Professional service with competitive rates has been our philosophy and will continue to ensure satisfaction. With our quality system of ISO 9002 Certification The Future Dictates PT. Pacific Garment must pursue continued improvement in service, investing in commerce based technologies, anticipating global economic shifts and preparing for the next paradigms.

  • We love working with established brand , we can handle every step with professional. We have been working with large order for years and delivery quality garment on time.
  • We value our startups customers , who may be starting out and need lower quantity orders. Pacific will accommodate low minimums and produces extremely high quality garments. It is such an exciting time and it is so rewarding to see new customer with first vision come to life. We have proven and become a real witness of startups brand to become established brand now, and we love it!

We care deeply about our team and ensure we maintain a happy & healthy environment for our team, to realize our mission :

  • Highly skilled ( Increase the potential of our team)

Motivate and create knowledgeable of our team of highly skilled professionals to ensure the highest quality products

  • Improve Quality

Experienced has our team, most of our team have been with us for many years, the ability that is not in doubt for produce the quality garment.

  • Focus of the customer Satisfaction.

We have complete staff of people that are highly trained in their specific fields. This give quality garment as order on time.

Let us bring your vision to life!